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Fragger Free is an exciting game that will test your skills in throwing bombs at targets. Similar to Angry Birds, you stand on the left side of the screen and strategically throw bombs at your enemies. Using your finger, you can adjust the trajectory and power of your throws by guiding the arrow and power meter. However, be careful as you only have a limited number of grenades per level.

In this free version, you can enjoy 14 different levels. However, if you upgrade to the full version of Fragger, you will have access to 70 levels spread across two unique worlds. To unlock each level, you must successfully complete the previous one.

Fragger Free features vibrant and colorful graphics, accompanied by cartoony sounds that add a sense of fun to the game. Despite its potential for violence, the game maintains a light-hearted atmosphere.

While Fragger Free is enjoyable to play, some players may find it lacking in diversity. There is only one type of bomb available, and the environment remains relatively unchanged throughout the game. Additionally, a minor inconvenience is that you cannot release a bomb until the previous one has exploded, which can become tedious due to the delay in detonation.

Overall, Fragger Free is an addictive and entertaining game that is perfect for passing the time. It offers a thousand free Gold Grenades for liking Fragger on Facebook, providing an extra incentive for players.

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